The tale of her name

She is lame, only literally. Her right hand, front leg for the more literal among you, hangs a little odd. She must have gotten into a nasty scrap as a pup. There several other old injury marks on her body to back this up. All in all she is left with some bald streaks on her right torso and a limp in her right leg.

We couldn’t call her sweet dog forever!! My sister and I didn’t mind but everyone else insisted she needed a name. So started the naming saga. It was a free for all, only condition she should like/respond to it.

Out came the usual suspects, sweetie, Cutie, Goldie, Bella, Biscuit… but not even an acknowledgement. So mum suggested we try Gujarati names. It was the language most people talked to her in, so maybe she would like those better… So it was round two, Gujarati names; Dholi, Bhurie (both mean fair-skinned), Rupa (beautiful), Laadli(much-loved), Sukhi (happy)… Response, nothing, zilch. ..

We were all going a little nuts. Each insisting she responded to the name they suggested, knowing fully well she did no such thing. All this time the lady in question was quietly trying to steer us in the right direction. No one was picking up her hints, but she was not giving up.

Then one day I was speaking to someone on the phone and noticed her perking up every time I mentioned ‘cookie’. She would turn and look at me, as if asking “yes, what?” I was mildly amused by her behavior and mentioned it to my husband. He too had observed something similar a while ago.

So we decide to try ‘Cookie’. Lo and behold, up she gets and walks up to us wagging her tail. We could not believe it, ‘sweet dog’ preferred the name Cookie. And she waited almost three weeks before we wised up to it.

In India, cookie is not the word of preference, it is biscuit. Where and when she heard it, only god and she know. But hear she did, and picked it for herself. And with infinite patience guided us to it too. And a good choice too, it is. She is cookie colored, is sweet as one, is sometimes slightly tart and at times comes with a sprinkle of spice. Oh and she is definitely cooky!!! So the proverbial shoe is in fact a sock and fits on whichever foot you put it.

What is the tale of your doggie darling’s name? Do share…


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One Response to The tale of her name

  1. anushka chandran says:

    Tenzing. Coz he loved to climb all things up and high and then fall from there
    Marco Polo. My little kitten, loved to dig around the tree and the only cat who loved to play with his shadow in the water.
    Magic. Coz she miraculously survived a night of incessant rain and was all drenched almost drowning in the puddle her mom had created in the hope to save her.
    Kokila (Cocoa) she had a lovely cocoa tinged coat! I miss her
    Luna: coz she was lunatic and had a kind of white half moon thing on her chest

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