Cookie, a brief insight

cookieCookie is a mixed breed dog, about 2 years old. She adopted me and very graciously allows me to live in her home!

The thing is about 6 months ago, after having ‘seen’ about 20 odd houses we finally found a place we loved enough to call home. That there were a whole lot of healthy looking community dogs, sealed the deal. What we did not know was that one of them actually lived on our property! The morning after most of our furniture came in, we came home to discover a beautiful golden-colored dog sleeping on our swing. She was delightfully friendly and very thin, so I offered her food.

Now, since I still did not live on the property, I did not have any doggie treats to offer her. So I offered her what I had, roti, rice-dal and chips. She took an obligatory sniff and lick of everything but was not really interested. Then Ramesh, our man Friday and in-house dog whisperer offered her biscuits. It was like someone brought out a jukebox. She broke into a crazy jiggle dance, jumping all over the place and all of us. She devoured, ate is too sedate a word, multiple packets in one sitting. We still did not realize that she was a permanent resident.

Each day we went and found her waiting for us. So we asked around. Turned out she was new to the area and got beaten by the other dogs, if she dared venture out of our gates!!! Could not let that happen so we, effectively, had a pet now.Or so we thought.

As she grew more confident of her place in our family and our home, she began dictating her terms. She is very clear about her likes and dislikes and not at all shy about ‘educating’ us about them. She goes about it very gently, but leaves absolutely no room for any compromises or negotiations.

I have been around dogs all my life, but she is unlike any I have met. She sometimes makes me think she is a cat, stuck in a dog’s body. You know the joke, cat’s think that because you love them , take care of them and feed them, they must be god while dogs think you to be the gods for the same reasons? Cookie seems to follow the cat’s logic. She even picked her own name!!!

Cookie has changed our lives in very many ways. She fills our days with lots of joy and laughter. I want to share a bit of my Cookie with you. Maybe bring a smile to you too… And maybe you will share your doggie darlings with me too…


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